Excess Inventory


PremiumPLC will buy your excess inventory. Turn it into cash let us buy your excess automation equipment, PLCs, drives, motors, electronic parts, circuit boards, meters, sensors, all types of industrial controls or any other surplus inventory.
Top of Form
  1. Email a list of your parts to sales@premiumplc.com.
  2. Your list will be evaluated.
  3. You will receive an email back with our offer(s).
  4. If you accept the offer, email or call to confirm your acceptance.
  5. The freight is payed for by PremiumPLC or will be personally picked up from your location.
  6. Items are analyzed to ensure the stated condition is accurate.
  7. Payment is sent to you.
Too Busy?
Other Options
  • “Blind Sell” Your items can be shipped to us for evaluation*
  • “Onsite Visit” We’ll come to your organization to evaluate your items**
After you download the template, please fill it out and send to sales@premiumplc.com (or you can send your own list.)
Email: sales@premiumplc.com
Phone: 810.531.0356 or 810.531.6228